Monday, February 16, 2009

Upgrade and Save on Maintenance Costs with Sharpe Dryaire® Membrane Air Drying System

Minneapolis, MN (February 16, 2009) – Air quality has a significant – and important – impact on a shop’s work.

Even the most talented or experienced painter won’t turn out a professional job if there’s excessive moisture or airborne particulates in the compressed air system. And, with many shops making the investment to use water-borne and water-based paints, now is a good time to invest in an air system upgrade.

It used to be that the only choice for cost-effective air filtration was a system that used silicone beads. These systems, however, require significant – and expensive – maintenance, which includes replacing the beads.

Sharpe’s 3 stage, Dryaire Membrane System utilizes advanced membrane technology, instead of desiccant beads. It maintains a –40°F dew point while achieving 0% compressed air humidity, and removes oil and sub-micron particles down to .01 micron. Because there are no beads to replace, the system is very low-maintenance, saving on costs over the life of its use, and there are no chemicals to dispose of.

Simple to install, the 3-stage Dryaire membrane system comes assembled and ready to use. Its transparent operation provides continuous, effective air-drying -- even at low flow rates. Unlike other systems, the Dryaire membrane does not use an electric heater to regenerate. Instead, the porous media wicks away moisture on a continuous basis. This means Dryaire requires no additional electricity to use, which provides additional cost-savings.

The Sharpe Dryaire Membrane System currently costs only $1,299, and is a cost-effective investment over competing systems that cost $600, but require the additional cost of silicone beads that frequently need to be replaced. In 2-3years the system has paid for itself. The Sharpe Dryaire Membrane System, with its porous membrane, is virtually maintenance free, saving time and money – no beads or chemicals are necessary.

The Sharpe Dryaire Membrane System (Part No. 6770) includes: Air Filter w/Overnight Drain (Part No. 22601), Coalescer w/Overnight Drain (Part No. 22605), Air Regulator Assembly (Part No. 22604), Membrane Air Dryer (Part No. 1-6770-3).

Graco, a world leader in fluid handling systems and components, and Sharpe, a part of the Graco Company, developed the Dryaire Membrane Air Drying System.

Specific to automotive finishing, Graco has a long history designing and manufacturing finishing equipment that improves productivity, reduces paint usage costs, lowers emissions and provides consistently better finishes for automotive manufacturers the world over. These manufacturers include General Motors®, Ford® and Toyota®, as well as bus, trucking and airplane manufacturers.

Graco purchased Sharpe in 2003 to enter the North American automotive refinishing market, and brought its strong R&D, engineering and product development expertise to develop new spray guns to bolster Sharpe’s position in the marketplace.

Sharpe and Graco developed RAZOR® accessories that enhance the painting experience. The Dryaire™ system removes compressed air humidity, and many air filters and coalescers ensure high quality air. Other accessories include the Digi-tell™ air-adjusting valve, and a full line of hose assemblies, high output connectors, 3M™ PPS™ Adapter for RAZOR, Spray Gun Brush Kit and F2-Disposable In-Line Filters.