Thursday, November 6, 2008

Sharpe Unveils Newly Finished Custom-Painted Razor Motorcycle

Las Vegas, NV – Sharpe, a leader in paint spraying equipment for the professional automotive refinish market, announces the pre-unveiling of the newly finished $25,000 Razor Motorcycle – part of the Razor Gun Custom Bike Sweepstakes at

The Razor Motorcycle’s first public unveiling will be at NACE (, November 6th by the bike’s designer and painter Justin Barnes of JB Grafix. Barnes is one of the most well-known and innovative painters in the U.S.

He has appeared on Discovery Channel’s “American Chopper,” and painted a number of well-known motorcycles such as the POW-MIA bike, the Fire bike, the I-Robot bike, the Comanche, the Snap-On bike and many more.

“Sharpe gave me free reign on the bike design, and really wanted something that would stand out in a crowd,” said Barnes who for all of the bike’s paintwork used Sharpe’s Razor guns.

To learn about the bike and Justin Barnes’ inspiration for the bike and painting techniques, visit

“I’ve been really happy with the Razor guns. We hadn’t used them before we started working with Sharpe, and I’ve been really impressed. They’re all I’ve been using now on every bike that we do. They spray really well, are easy to maintain. I also found them very easy to get used to. After just a couple of times using them I was really comfortable with the guns.”

Barnes used a new line of paint on the bike introduced recently by PPG. It will likely take anyone who sees the bike straight back to their childhood days.

“We’ve used Hot Wheels™ colors from PPG,” said Barnes. “They’re really vibrant and they stand out a lot. We’ve used them on quite a few bikes now and like the fact that you can add pearls and flakes to the original candy color. They’re pretty easy to manipulate to come up with unique color work.”

For the actual artwork, Barnes took his inspiration from both the bike itself and the fact that it will be given away in a sweepstakes.

“Stack’s Creative Customs built the bike and they did such a great job,” said Barnes. “It has really great lines, which I focused on in the design. I also kept in mind that Sharpe will be giving this bike away, so I didn’t want it to be too theme-oriented. We’ve used a heavy graphic pattern, with traditional style flames and green metal flake. We’ve also used variegated gold leaf, which is treated with heat and acid so you get a marbling effect.”

The Razor Gun Custom Bike Sweepstakes drawing takes place in April 2009 and the winner will be announced later that month. Visit for your chance to win.