Friday, June 20, 2008

Introducing the Newly Designed RAZOR HVLP Waterborne Spray Gun

Minneapolis, MN – Sharpe, a leader in paint spraying equipment for the professional automotive refinish market, introduces the newly designed high-performance RAZOR HVLP Waterborne Spray Gun.

The RAZOR Waterborne guns provide a well-defined spray pattern for superior material distribution. They are optimized for waterborne base coats, and feature 100% stainless steel fluid passages that are impenetrable to corrosion. Since waterborne paint can corrode metal cups, the RAZOR HVLP Waterborne guns come with a 23 ounce plastic cup.

The RAZOR gun, branded as a Professional Painter’s Best Buy, also comes with a 3M™ PPS™ Adapter, has a 3-year warranty, and is made in the USA.

As with all RAZOR Spray Guns, the RAZOR HVLP Waterborne guns were developed based on feedback from painters in the automotive refinish market, and are designed to be lightweight, ergonomic and to deliver a high-quality automotive finish.

The RAZOR HVLP Waterborne gun weighs just 1.3 lb with the cup attached, has an air consumption of 14.4 CFM at 29 psi, and features an aircap spray pattern of 14 inches. Several nozzle options are available, ranging from 1.2 mm to 1.4 mm.

Technical Information:
Gun Weight: 1.3 lb
Air Consumption: 14.4 CFM at 29 psi
Aircap Spray Pattern: 14 in

Model Size, Gun PN
1.2 mm, 289388
1.3 mm, 289389
1.4 mm, 289571

A Complete System
When considering a complete waterborne gun system, the RAZOR product line has HVLP primer, compliant waterborne base coat, and LVLP clear coat to meet the needs of all automotive paint spraying applications.

The RAZOR Spray Guns were developed by Sharpe and Graco, a world leader in fluid handling systems and components. Specific to automotive finishing, Graco has a long history designing and manufacturing finishing equipment that improves productivity, reduces paint usage costs, lowers emissions and provides consistently better finishes for automotive manufacturers worldwide including, General Motors, Ford and Toyota, as well as for bus, trucking and airplane manufacturers.

Graco purchased Sharpe in 2003 to enter the North American automotive refinishing market, and brought its strong R&D, engineering and product development expertise to develop new spray guns to bolster Sharpe’s position in the marketplace.

Sharpe and Graco have also developed RAZOR accessories that enhance the painting experience including a Dryaire™ system to remove compressed air humidity, and air filters and coalescers to ensure high quality air. Other accessories include the Digi-Tell® air-adjusting valve, and a full line of hose assemblies, high output connectors, 3M™ PPS™ adapter for RAZOR, Spray Gun Brush Kit and F2-Disposable In-Line Filters.

Sharpe also offers the Zephyr™ Air Drying Gun. It is recommended for use with RAZOR Waterborne guns and is designed to decrease the drying time of waterborne paints using compressed air. The Zephyr Gun’s intake filter removes dust and other contamination, keeping it from marring the paint surface.

Working Pressure: 10-60 psi (0.7-4 bar, 0.07-0.4 MPa)
Max. Pressure: 175 psi (12 bar, 1.2 MPa)
Air Consumption @ 60 psi (4 bar, 0.4 MPa): 17.5 scfm
Weight: 485 g (17.1 oz)

It can be used freehand or attached to the 360-degree Zephyr Gun Stand, which can hold up to 2 guns. The stand is portable and offers variable positioning with quick disconnect couplers.